50 QUENCH OIL - 1 Gallon

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50 QUENCH OIL is a clear, gold colored oil which produces high hardness levels in many types of steel ordinarily requiring “water quenching”. It can be used as a quench from temperatures as high as 1750°F and is especially suitable for developing maximum water like quenched hardness in medium and low alloy steels. In the initial stages of the quench, 50 QUENCH OIL cools like water but as the cooling nears the martensite transformation temperature range, this remarkable oil cools steel slowly and uniformly to preclude cracking or distortion.

Debois bought Parks 50, 50 Quench oil is the same recipe as Parks 50.

50 QUENCH OIL is as effective at ambient temperature as it is at 120oF. Its low viscosity results in less drag-out than typical fast quench oils; consequently, consumption is greatly reduced.

Most fast quench oils flash points are around 350oF (177°C). The flash point of 50 QUENCH OIL is 275oF (171°C). It is safe to use as long as the temperature of the oil bath is not allowed to exceed 120oF (49°C) while being agitated.
You can use 50 QUENCH OIL with confidence. Your parts will achieve maximum oil quenched hardness with minimum distortion or cracking. Lastly, 50 QUENCH OIL will produce exceptionally clean, bright work when used within its recommended temperature range.


Typical Properties
Appearance: Light, Gold Colored Oil
Viscosity @ 100oF: > 5.8 cSt
Nickel Ball Time @ 100oF: 7 - 9 seconds
Flash Point: 275oF (135°C)


Bath Parameters
Temperature: Ambient to 120oF
Velocity: > 100 FPM (0.5 MPS)
Immersion Time: As required for appropriate metallurgical


Safety Data Sheet

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