6" Three Square File 2ND Cut

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For 200 years, PFERD has been manufacturing files of a world-renowned high quality. The experience gained over many years as a manufacturer is constantly used for the development of PFERD files. Application-oriented file shapes and cuts for industry and crafts guarantee good economic value. Even after long use, PFERD files achieve high stock removal rates and an excellent surface quality.

American pattern files are large-sized file with uniform cut. They are primarily used for fast, controlled removal of material for shaping, deburring, and finishing applications.

Key files are small files for light, delicate filing tasks, especially in tool- and die-making. Also commonly used on locks and keys, they are well-suited for electricians, mechanics and anyone engaged in precision work.

Three Square Files are triangular in cross-section, like Tapers, but are double cut and have fairly sharp corners that are slightly set and cut. These files are for general use by machinists for filing internal angles more acute than the right angle,

Technical information

Compatible handle EDP 11144
Cut Second
Length 6
Width 15/32

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