Size and Pattern: 0.135" x 1.375" x 16.0" Ladder
Sale price$74.07 USD


Material = 5160, 15n20, Ni200 folded for 416 layer damascus

Various Patterns Available

Billets have been Precision ground.

Heat Treatment:

If you heat treat yourself, simply take the steel to a temperature where a magnet will not stick. Be careful, this is high carbon tool steel and if you are inattentive decarburization will occur.

If you do not use method above by “eye” or magnet, preheat oven to 1550 degrees F. Hang blade, allow blade to reach furnace temperature, then soak for two minutes at that temperature.

Quench IMMEDIATELY in quenching oil (10 weight hydraulic oil). Immerse blade point downward.


Pre-Heat oven up to 350 degrees, place blades in the oven and then after 1 hour turn off the oven and let the blades cool down to room temperature, draw again if you wish for a double draw.



Degrease with acetone, mix ferric chloride (brand name Etchant, from radio shack) with distilled white vinegar, mix 60% ferric chloride and 40% white vinegar. Dip blade in a plastic container containing the acid mixture, let stand for a few minutes and remove to see pattern,( now that is the best part to see the pattern come out on the blade), rinse blade with warm water and put it back in the acid till the desired depth is achieved in the blade, it could take several minutes to get the depth and contrast you want(you may or may not need to wipe oxidation away while rinsing with your finger. It all depends on the contrast that you are getting and the effect that you are trying to achieve.), but on the last dip remove blade from acid and allow the black oxidation to stay on the blade rinse in warm water & rinse in baking soda to neutralize the acid, (Windex will work also) dry quickly with blow dryer, or some other means, to allow the black oxidation to set, and after it is completely dry, spray with wd-40, tri-flow, Break- Free, or clear paint.

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