Atlas Forge Burner

Style: 100K with 20 PSI Regulator
Sale price$81.48 USD


100k burner produces 105k BTU @ 20 PSI
6″ burner tube length
1.050″ outside diameter

Stainless steel and brass construction
All fittings are custom made, steel 3/8″ flare 45° fitting

Pressure gauge is rated to 40 PSI, regulator is rated for 20 PSI

This burner will not function while clamped in a vise.  A forge chamber with back-pressure is required for proper function.

Make sure to clean out any spiderwebs inside the burner tube.  Seriously, spiders love to build nests inside these!

Warranty: Materials and Construction, 1 Year. Not warranted against burn out due to improper mounting, lack of forge lining maintenance or flash back (burning in mixing tube due to improper operating parameters or installation).

Fitting must be tightened with a wrench to 17-19 Ft/Lbs of torque, or it will leak and possibly burn where you don’t want it to!

We do not provide a flare with our burners. Our burners are not a hand held torch, they go into a stationary device where a flare is not needed (the refractory lining creating the flare/flame holder).

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