ATP 641 Anti Scale (1 Pint)

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A water-based, ceramic coating formulated to protect
stainless, low alloy, & carbon grade steels against oxide
scale, oxidation, and decarburization
Performance Characteristics
• effective temp. range 1000-2300⁰ F (538-1260⁰ C)
• reduces surface defects such as forged or rolled-in scale
• reduces secondary finishing operations
• spalls on cooling to leave oxide scale-free surface
• demonstrates exceptional green strength upon proper drying to withstand cracking, chipping, peeling, etc.
• excellent paintability; formulated for brushing application (can be adjusted for dipping or spraying by diluting with water – do not thin coating too much)
• desirable heat retention properties for improved hot working operations

Recommendations for Use
• thoroughly suspend and mix before use
• metal surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease, metal oxides, and other materials
• coating thickness depends on the time and temperature of exposure (generally, the higher the temperature and longer exposure, the thicker the coating should be applied)
• a wet film thickness of 6 ± 3 mils should be optimal
• ensure bottom coat is thoroughly dried when applying multiple coats
• water-based coatings need ample time to completely dry before entering furnace (can be applied over preheated substrate to accelerate drying time)

Shelf Life ~1 year

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