FSF Blacksmith Cross Peen Hammer

Size: 2.75Lb
Sale price$159.25 USD


Front Step Forge Cross Peen Hammer

Fat peen hammer. The fatter the peen the greater the draw. Want to move metal fast?

Use this hammer to draw confidently and avoid cold shuts that sharper peens may create.

Compression from the hammer blow moves metal more aggressively from a well radiused edge.  

(Picture is of actual hammer)

Hand forged by Shawn from Front step Forge and available in several different weights with a very well polished face and peen.  Dressed in its temper colours and well and carefully mounted on a hickory handle. The handle has received multiple coats of tung oil  to preserve and increased its longevity. This  design is a hybrid between the Swedish and czech pattern and offers increased internal surface area to grip and support the handle.

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