Bumblechutes Hydrating Wood Serum-8 oz

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Bumblechutes Hydrating Wood Serum-8 oz

Give your wooden kitchenware the ultimate hydration treatment with Bumblechutes Hydrating Wood Serum! Our serum is crafted with 100% pure, all-natural ingredients, completely free of petroleum and solvents. We use only the purest fractionated coconut oil to create an unparalleled level of hydration for your wooden surfaces.

Our special formula provides protection against harmful moisture and ultraviolet rays, while also acting as an antibacterial agent, preventing chipping, and swelling. The fresh lemon scent is sure to keep your kitchen smelling clean for days!

This Hydrating Wood Serum is perfect for use on cutting boards, bowls, butcher blocks, utensils, rolling pins, garden beds, antiques, and any other wooden surface that is not sealed with a hardener such as polyurethane, lacquer, or paint.

By using Bumblechutes Hydrating Wood Serum, you are preventing chipping and cracking caused by dryness, and preserving the natural beauty of your wooden kitchenware. Our serum penetrates deep into the wood, saturating and providing protection from the inside out.

To use, start with a clean and dry surface, and generously apply the serum to all sides of the wood using a clean cloth. You may need to apply multiple coats, especially for new wood. As the serum sets over time, it provides a barrier from moisture, UV rays, and bacteria growth. For added protection, follow up with our All-In-One Wood Conditioner to add a wax layer that seals in the moisture.

Don't let your wooden kitchenware dry out and become damaged. Invest in Bumblechutes Hydrating Wood Serum today and enjoy a lifetime of well-maintained wooden surfaces! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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