Size: .094 x 2" - Sold by the foot
Sale price$40.74 USD


How steel is shipped

Bars are shipped as 48" bars as long as they can be shipped with UPS.  72" bars are cut in half for shipping, 60" bars are cut to 36 +24 for shipping.  If shipped with Canada Post or another carrier, they will need to be cut half (24" for 48", 36" for 72", 36+24" for 60" bars)

If you want steel cut to 4", 6", 8" or 12" pieces, please purchase by the foot and put a note in the cart "Order Instructions" drop down box of the size you would like it cut. 

No instructions will result in the longest possible piece being shipped.  


CPM S90V is a unique tool steel made by the Crucible, a martensitic stainless steel with a high volume of vanadium carbides means a blade with exceptionally good wear resistance and wicked sharp edges.

S90V offers substantial improvements in wear resistance over other high chromium tool steels, such as D2, and corrosion resistance on par or above most 440C type steels.

These attributes are the byproduct of its high volume of vanadium carbides to chromium carbides, where one adds wear resistance, the chromium in the matrix provides good corrosion resistance.

A favorite among folder and kitchen knife makers, S90-V is known for taking an exceptional satin finish to match its excellent edge retention properties.

When you need something more than a typical Crucible CPM but not as tough to work as CPM M4, give S90-V some thought, we are sure you will be happy you did.

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