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Style: PREMIUM POLISHING STONE SET N GRIT 1/4X1/2 150,220,320,400 & 600 Grit
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"N" General Purpose Finishing Stone

General Purpose Finishing Stone · Aluminum Oxide · Brown to White Color
The Falcon Tool “N” finishing stone is among our most popular and is a fantastic all-around, fast-cutting finishing stone that can be used on nearly any material. The “N” is engineered for hand polishing all types of mold and die steels including SAE 1030 pre-heat treated P-20, H-13, S-7 and T-420. Soft cutting action combined with the perfect breakdown speed of the “N” permits pre-finishing on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, beryllium, kirksite and high chrome/nickel stainless steel. Some polishers obtain excellent results using water when finishing kirksite. The “N” can be used with or without a lubricant. Try our Stoning Oil or Polishing Lubricant and Diamond Thinner!

Available in 100-1200 grit and a wide variety of sizes including round shapes. Also available in convenient and cost effective Finishing Stone Assortment Sets.

 Premium sets include Stoning Oil and Stone Holder

Stoning Oil

Petroleum-Based • Nearly Odorless • Made in USA
Falcon Tool Stoning Oil is the perfect oil-based lubricant for use with Finishing Stones and Coated Abrasives. It's a petroleum-based lubricant with a viscosity of 38/45 that prevents stone loading and allows for more consistent and free cutting action. It is not harsh on the hands like other oil-based lubricants such as kerosene and does not promote oxidation on molds and dies. Use this oil on the work piece/tool itself or as a stone pre-soak (remember to separate grits when soaking to eliminate grit contamination).

Polishing Lubricant & Diamond Thinner

New & Improved Formulation · Thins · Cools · Lubricates 
Falcon Tool Polishing Lubricant & Diamond Thinner was developed especially for use with our Diamond Compounds and Finishing Stones as it doubles as both a stoning lubricant for polishing stones and a thinner for diamond compounds. We've made subtle improvements to our original green formulation; the color is now blue and offers superior performance. It penetrates quickly, lubricates every particle for maximum cutting action, and helps flush away abraded material while reducing lapping time. For finishing stones, it is formulated to clean, lubricate and prevent stone loading.

  • Water-based and water-soluble
  • Nearly odor free
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Ideal for use on molds that will be coated 

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