Forge Ease - 500 ML

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FORGE EASE is a non-toxic solution designed as forging lubricant. I’ve never found a better lube for punching and drifting manually or under power hammer or press. It’s Intended for industrial and blacksmith forging use. Tools slide through hot steel with less distortion and greater ease. Best of all it’s*non-toxic *

Hot punching with Forge Ease 3512 takes less effort and reduces wear on tools. 
it shows is ability the first time you use it. 

In industry. Forge Ease 3512 is diluted with water and sprayed onto dies between parts.

In the blacksmith shop warm tools are dipped in diluted lube as they are used. Besides use on punches and hot cuts. Forge Ease 3512 can be used on any open or closed die, swage, fuller or  punch to reduce wear and galling. Gives cleaner results in most hot stamping cutting and shearing operations 

BLACKSMITHS: Dilute equal parts forge ease with tap water. 

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