MH-380 Machine Cover

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Protects your Tormek

The MH-380 Machine Cover protects your machine from shavings and wood dust and fits all Tormek models. The machine cover is made of 100% cotton. This is a breathable material so that no moisture is trapped.

Why MH-380 Machine Cover?

  • Protects your Tormek from dirt, dust and shavings when not in use.
  • Made from 100% breathable cotton.
  • Stylish and neat design.
  • Fits all Tormek machines.

Protect your Tormek in style

The MH-380 Machine Cover is a good, inexpensive investment for protecting your Tormek. If you end up with dust or wood shavings on the drive wheel, the machine may start to slip. This can usually be remedied easily by washing or lightly roughening the rubber on the drive wheel with sandpaper.

However, you can easily prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Covering the machine with the MH-380 Machine Cover when not in use gives it the best chance of a prolonged service life. And we think it's very stylish, too! 


100% cotton


2-year warranty


The MH-380 Machine Cover comes fully assembled and ready to use.

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