Niroc Carbide Blade Straightening Hammer

Sale price$85.18 USD


Carbide peen x carbide flat face NO HANDLE 

Weighing in at approximately 160 grams (5.6 oz) the Niroc Knockometer was originally designed as a blade straightening tagane hammer, but they are also prized by panel beaters, tool makers, leather workers, saw doctors and tool repairers. They are useful to anyone that needs a small, but very hard hammer.

These are hand made and every effort and care is made to create a beautiful tool that, with care, will last. The heads are machined from brass bar. Brass is selected due to its relative density being heavier than steel for the same volume and its ability to deform. This “beds” the carbide and reducing the likelihood of chipping or fracturing. The carbide inserts are silver brazed in place with 45% silver brazing alloy, and the process I use ensures the brazing completely retains the insert.

The eye of my hammers is integral to the design and retention of the head on a handle, whether fitted by me or by you. I machine the eye with an hourglass taper, meaning the width of the eye is narrower in the middle of the hammer. When driven onto a tapered handle and wedged, the likelihood of it ever coming loose is slim to none.

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