NIROC Tungsten Carbide Scribes - Blackened Brass MKS Logo

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Tungsten Carbide scribes made by hand in Australia by me, to the original design by Lazar Designs.

Featuring Niroc knurls. These knurls feels great in the hand giving exceptional grip, whilst being comfortable even after prolonged use.
I can custom knurl with whatever you want within reason.

The tips of these scribes are shrunk fit into place they are easily replaced simply by heating the brass (and carbide) back up. We be of the wonderful things about the tungsten carbide is that it basically does not expand when heated, while the brass does, making replacement possible.

If the tips get loose or it no longer shrink fits after several tip replacements, then a drop of CA glue will basically do the same thing.

The carbide scribe point is custom ground from high quality cutting grade carbide, it will easily scribe the hardest steel, accurately against your steel rule. It can be sharpened on diamond plates or silicon carbide stone, and is of a length and taper allowing fine marking down even small holes.

They are made from 1/2″ Brass stock making them rigid, solid and weighty in the hand.

A quality tool for precision marking out.

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