Nitro V

Size: .065 x 1.5 Sold by the foot
Sale price$8.62 USD


How steel is shipped

Bars are shipped as 48" bars as long as they can be shipped with UPS.  72" bars are cut in half for shipping, 60" bars are cut to 36 +24 for shipping.  If shipped with Canada Post or another carrier, they will need to be cut half (24" for 48", 36" for 72", 36+24" for 60" bars)

If you want steel cut to 4", 6", 8" or 12" pieces, please purchase by the foot and put a note in the cart "Order Instructions" drop down box of the size you would like it cut. 

No instructions will result in the longest possible piece being shipped.  


The Baron’s Nitro-V is NJSB’s latest effort to provide premium cutlery grade steels and materials in an ever-expanding, evolving craft that is custom tailored to our customers’ wants and needs.

As a martensitic stainless steel with chromium-based chemistry, we have optimized the best qualities of AEB-L by enriching the formula using Nitrogen and Vanadium to create a new ferroalloy that provides exceptional edge performance, high hardness, and extreme corrosion resistance especially in marine and wet environments.

As leaders in the knife steel supply world, we recognize the ever-present demand not only for steel specifically formulated to suit the cutlery industry but our customers’ desires to stay on the cutting edge of steel that is tough and versatile enough for a pocket, kitchen,  hunting, fishing; and tactical knives.

We also understand that, with the wide range of boutique “super steels” already available, that the utmost concern of the hard-working people we supply is to have a reasonably priced, high-performance option that can match their needs, regardless their styles, niches, and patrons.

This is just one small step in The Baron’s ever-growing efforts as a part of this industry and its community–with Nitro-V, you can be assured that it is every bit the poster child for NJSB’s commitment to quality, integrity, and ingenuity.

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