Nordic Edge Blade Vice

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Blade Vice for Hand Sanding

Nordic Edge blade vice, another specialist tool for knifemakers;

All stainless and aluminum with rectractable blade support for exact the right length.

  • 3 bolts for secure clamping of the blade
  • Accepts up to 67 mm wide blades
  • Blade support extends 220 mm for long blades
  • Stainless steel; will not rust and steel dust will not stick to it
  • Screw holes for attaching to a bench 
  • Steel bar attachment for use in a bench vice

The blade vice is useful when hand sanding a blade:

  • Either attach to a bench with a clamp, or use in a bench vice
  • Adjust the blade support to length of the blade
  • Clamp the ground blade tang in into the blade vice
  • Sand one side to final grit before cleaning and covering with masking tape
  • Turn blade over and repeat

The blade vice is useful when shaping and sanding a handle;

  • Either attach to a bench with a clamp, or use in a bench vice
  • push blade support all the way in or turn it around so it sticks out the back
  • Clamp blade edge side against the single bolt (right) for the strongest grip (there are 3 bolts, use 2 bolts on the spine side and one on the edge side)
  • Use the frame bolt to clamp the stainless steel tube in the position needed for shaping the handle or hand sand the handle

The only assembly required:

  • The blade support comes as 3 pieces, easily assembled with the included bolts and allen key
  • Use double-sided tape on top of the blade support and attach the strips or rubber, like in the photos

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