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2 x 72": X200 (80 Grit)
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NORaX is an engineered 3-dimensional coated abrasive product that offers high performance in finish, cut and consistency.

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With special pattern technology, NORaX can offer the optimal product for a wide variety of applications to increase productivity, quality and repeatability, while reducing cost, scrap and inventory

Engineered abrasive solutions for polishing applications.
Outlast conventional abrasives with 2 - 5x longer life.

Multiple abrasives layers with an engineered pattern provide superior, consistent finishes on all types of materials: specialty metals,
composites, and glass.

Longer product life, higher quality finishes, faster cut rates, and the ability to skip steps drive down your finishing costs.

  • NORaX utilizes evenly spaced erodable structures
  • Multiple layers of abrasive grain for extended belt life
  • Unique grinding aid on the surface to increase cut rate and reduce heat generation
  • Sharp abrasives available throughout belt life
  • Productivity gains
    • Faster cut rates
    • Eliminate steps from polishing sequence
    • Longer life - use to the backing
    Cooler cutting
  • Easier part handling
    Reduces possible thermal damage
    Consistency of finish and cut rate throughout belt life
    • Reduces scrap rates
    • Increases first time throughput

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