RD Knives Solid Carbide Platen

Size: 10 x 2"
Sale price$177.77 USD


Expensive, yes. But definitely worth the money!

The advantage's:

1. Durability: The tungsten carbide platens are highly resistant to wear, even a 60grit cubitron belt wont make a scratch on it.
2. Consistent results: These precision ground machined surface of the carbide platens ensures consistent results every time, making it easier to achieve the desired grind angle and finish on your knives.
3. Flat and smooth surface: The carbide platen provides a flat and smooth surface that allows for more precise grinding and better control over the piece you’re working on.

These are the the carbides only, you will have to make your own mount for your grinder. Platens are about 3mm (0.12") thick.

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