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2 x 72": A160 (120 grit)
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  • Product Details
    • Macroreplicated abrasive structures are designed to cut faster at higher pressures abrasives with consistent results from first cut to last
    • Controlled mineral breakdown delivers more consistent, predictable finishes over the life of the abrasive
    • Channels efficiently remove swarf, reduce loading or capping of abrasive
    • Geometric "bricks" wear evenly throughout service life due to multiple layers of mineral and grinding aid
    • X-weight cloth backing withstands high-pressure grinding


    3M™ Trizact™ CF Cloth Belt 347FC features a unique formulation and “bricks and channels” abrasive design well suited for hard chrome grinding and finishing. The 347FC belt delivers consistent grinding performance without loading and dulling and the flexible X-weight cloth backing withstands high pressure grinding on hard metals.



    3M™ Trizact™ CF Cloth Belt 347FC
    Rely on A160 for efficient stock removal and to achieve a fine finish
    Consistent Performance on Hard to Grind Metals
    In tandem with the consistency of our Trizact abrasive, the ease and versatility of a belt dimensioning process may mean 3M™ Trizact™ CF Cloth Belt 347FC can boost productivity, streamline process steps and increase the number of parts produced per belt.

    This belt is available in grades from A300 for quick stock removal to A30 for fine finishes and in widths
    Recommended Applications
    • High-pressure, final finish and polishing on hard metals, nickel alloys, titanium and stainless steel.
    • 3M™ Trizact™ CF Cloth Belt 347FC features a unique formulation and abrasive pattern well suited for hard chrome grinding and finishing.
    • Grade A160 strips and finishes. Rely on A160 for efficient stock removal and also to achieve a fine finish.
    Microreplication — the Science of Smooth
    Traditional grinding and finishing methods are proving less effective on many newer, hard-to-grind materials — slowing down production and driving up costs. Now, 3M brings you a broad range of solutions designed to meet today's tough processing challenges. The three-dimensional structures of 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives contain multiple layers of mineral. As these structures wear, fresh, sharp mineral is constantly exposed to the workpiece, resulting in faster, more consistent cutting.

    3M™ Trizact™ abrasive products start sharp and stay sharp, resulting in more predictable finishes and improved, consistent quality in your parts. Derived from proprietary 3M technology, Trizact abrasives are precisely-shaped three-dimensional structures, distributed uniformly over a backing. Multiple layers of mineral in Trizact abrasives extend abrasive life. Elimination of part-to-part variation boosts productivity profoundly.

    3M Science. For Precision Finishes.
    3M gives you more cost-effective ways to obtain predictable, consistent and repeatable finishes — faster than ever before.

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