W2 x 0.187 X 1.5"

Size: 12"
Sale price$15.31 USD



Once discontinued and as rare as hen’s teeth, NJSB has brought it out of retirement and now the sole provider of current production W-2.

Our W2 is specifically, specially formulated for easy working and reliable, repeatable results that show in performance time and again.

THE steel for hamons, while it can be tricky learning how to do, our W-2 is known for producing differential hardening effects, unlike any other steel.

The combination of High carbon and simple alloying means that, even though it requires a fast quench oil, and seasoned, experienced maker, with time and patience, will soon find themselves falling in love with our W-2 time after time; and why it is particularly so highly sought after for large blades or swords right down to the simplest kiridashi or paring knife.

Once you have your methods nailed down, you’ll find yourself reaching for it any time you need a piece of steel to make a keen, mean, cutting machine that is a simple joy to use.

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